Technical Overview - 5th July

EURUSD - Hit and Fall

EURUSD had an interesting rally in the first part of the day, but bulls did not manage to push and remain above the key level resistance from 1.1180. After it hit this area the Euro plunged again down towards 1.1130. The down move might continue towards the support from 1.1100. Considering the latest price action, I would continue keeping my eyes on the range between the support and resistance, earlier mentioned.
EURUSD - 5th July Hit and Fall

GBPUSD - Heading Towards 1.3000

The pound hit new lows today, after the Brexit, against the US dollar. GBPUSD broke below the support from 1.3147 and now bears are putting pressure on the 1.3100 round number level. If on a 1 hour time frame a candle will close below it we might see another fast dip. Next support, being also a key level support, is found at 1.3000.
GBPUSD - 5th July Heading Towards 1.3000

OIL WTI - Heading to Previous Lows

The price of Oil WTI is now heading towards a very strong support area, sitting at 46 to 47 dollars per barrel. After it broke below 47.90, local support, the price continued to drop. Currently it found another temporary support at 47.50 dollars per barrel. A drop below this one could trigger another steep drop, targeting 47.00. Only a break back above the current resistance would signal a comeback of bulls and a possible rally towards 48.50 dollars per barrel.
OIL WTI - 5th July Heading to Previous Lows

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