Technical Overview - 14th June

EURUSD - Retesting the Support

The price of EURUSD has reached 1.1300 yesterday, but after a short sideways move dropped back to the key support area from 1.2330/00. A break below this area would give a strong bearish signal. I am expecting the bears to push below this level in the upcoming hours. The US dollar is gaining against its major counterparts because investors are considering it a safe haven again. 
Going below the support could get the price all the way to the next key level support from 1.1135.
EURUSD - 14th June Retesting Support

GBPUSD - Broke the Wedge

The Rising Wedge drawn on the GBPUSD chart was confirmed by a drop below the lower line of the pattern. The breakout was also confirmed by a close on a Daily chart below the line. In this situation I would be expecting the price to continue on the downside towards 1.4100. The main target of this drop could be at 1.3840. 
GBPUSD - 14th June Broke out of the Wedge

USDJPY - Bumbep again into the Support

The price of USDJPY has hit again the main support from 105.55. For the moment it seems that the support is still holding, but a break below it could send the price all the way to 104.00. This would not come as a surprise since the Japanese is also considered a strong safe haven asset. Though the scenario remains strong on the bearish side, I would keep an eye on the price action at the local resistance from 106.38.
USDJPY - 14th June Hit the Key Support

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