Trading Setup - USDCHF Targeting Fibonacci Levels

The USDCHF has moved in a steep downtrend, which stopped at 0.9576. From this low, it moved back up, to find a resistance at 0.9654. Currently the price is moving sideways below this local resistance. A break above it could trigger a rally for the USD against the Swiss franc which could target the 38.2 Fibonacci retrace. 
This setup is based on the break out above the resistance. The levels to be followed are the following:
USDCHF Targeting Fibonacci Levels- June 10th Trading SetupConfirmation Level : 0.9655
Stop Loss : 0.89617
TP 1 : 0.9700
TP 2 : 0.9748
TP 3 : 0.9788

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