DAX30 - Got Down to a Support Area



The price of DAX30 broke below the support. Considering an 1 hour time frame, a close below the support of the current candle would come as a confirmation for the down move. Intermediate target 9800.00. On the other hand a false breakout (the close of the candle will be above the support) we might witness a comeback of the DAX30 inside the range.
DAX30 - June 10th Breakout Under Support Update


The DAX30 has reached a support area set by 2 trend lines. I am expecting the price to be trading sideways for the next several hours inside the range set by the support from 9865.00 and 9925.00. A break above the resistance would get the price back into the Symmetrical Triangle, while a break below the support could trigger a drop towards 0.9700.


DAX30 - June 10th

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